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Wealth flows from energy and ideas.

William Feather

The first meeting of Brooklyn Capital Collective, formerly Brooklyn Cannabiz Collective, was November 7, 2018 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The central question posed at that meeting was the following… will the African American community miss out on the cannabis gold rush?

And a gold rush it has been as billions of dollars have flowed into this burgeoning industry, an industry that to many African Americans represents inequality in this country’s criminal justice system.

From that first meeting in November, 2018, BCC went on to host numerous seminars related to real estate, investing and wealth building.

In 2019, BCC hosted the first ever awards ceremony honoring four distinguished people of color who are trailblazers in this nascent cannabis industry and later that year, BCC introduced its formal investment club, Brooklyn Wealth Collective, L.L.C.

At its core, Brooklyn Capital Collective is a mastermind group, people coming together in harmony to solve problems. People marshaling their talents, committing to exploring new financial terrain while executing on tried and tested principles used to change one’s financial destiny.

That’s how Brooklyn Capital Collective is moving toward the future.